Latin Sparks Festival Presents

La Lucha

A docuseries illustrating the struggle and perseverance of Latin American artists and small businesses.

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Lucha (pronounced lo͞o′cha). Noun. Spanish for fight; perseverance; struggle; resistance; often associated with a cause. Commonly used in Latin American slang in the context of working hard or “grinding” through a difficult or challenging situation. 

La Lucha


The Latin Sparks Festival is among Canada’s largest celebrations of Latin American music, dance, food, and culture. From the very first day, we have always strived to do one thing: bring our community together to celebrate everything Latin - the sounds, the tastes, the moves, and most of all - the people. These past 18 months have been extremely devastating and life-changing for our people in the arts & culture sector - our musicians, dancers, artists, staff, small businesses, families, and friends. Each one of us has a unique story of the struggle that we face to continue pursuing our livelihoods and passions. 

In commemoration of the difficult times that many of our community members continue to face, we present to you a docuseries illustrating the struggle and perseverance of Latin American artists and businesses in our community. These are their stories.


Watch La Lucha

Episode #1
We Won’t Stop

10 mins 32 secs.

When entrepreneur Shaunt opened his fresh, new music venue The Oud & The Fuzz in March 2020, he never imagined that he’d be forced to close his doors so quickly.

Episode #2
For the Love of Music

11 mins 20 secs.

Cafe Cubano immigrated to Canada to build their music careers, which for many years provided an income for them and their families back home in Cuba.

Episode #3
La Lucha Is In Our Blood

18 mins 43 secs.

Spoken word poets Paul Daniel Torres and SPIN El Poeta, and rapper Tara Lord each have a different artistic survival story to tell.



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