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To dance or not to dance? We say, absolutely! Dance is more than an art - it’s an expression, it’s an attitude, and anybody can do it. When you dance to your own rhythm, the entire world smiles at you. Dance is a huge part of Latin American culture, and we’re here to share it with you. This video series celebrates the power of dance and digs deep to find the inner dancer in every single one of us.


Latin Sparks Festival

ABCD is brought to you by the Latin Sparks Festival - Canada’s largest celebration of Latin American music, dance, food, and culture. The annual festival takes place in Toronto and includes live music, dance performance, food vendors, outdoor bars, and a whole lot of dancing. We can’t wait to see you all this summer on Canada’s biggest dance floor!



We brought together individuals from all walks of life with no dance experience to participate in a dance class with a local instructor. Participants were only told that they’re coming for a private dance class, but they had no idea what type. And the results were… pure joy.

Karolina, Fashion Entrepreneur.

60 secs.

Karolina owns an online lingerie business leaving her with very little time to hit the dance floor. Her dance instructor is Adrianna, a professional Brazilian dancer and choreographer. Watch Karolina take on her first Samba experience! Originating from Afro-Brazilian communities in Rio de Janeiro, Samba has evolved to one of the most festive social dances in Latin America.

Lindsay, Actress, YouTuber, and Influencer.

60 secs.

Lindsay is an actress and social media influencer; spending most of her days creating content for her dedicated community. Her dance instructor is Sara, a legendary pro in Cuban dance genres. Watch Lindsay try Afro-Cuban for the first time in her life! Afro-Cuban is an expressive dance symbolizing the legacy of slaves that escaped oppression in Cuba.

Ian, Cookie Shop Owner.

60 secs.

Ian’s always on his feet but his hands do most of the work baking delicious cookies at his bakery - Courage Cookies. His dance instructor is Derick, a veteran in the Hip Hop scene. Watch Ian bust some sweet moves in his first Hip Hop class! Born in the inner-cities of the United States, hip hop dance was popularized by African, Caribbean, and Latinx Americans.

Asa, Researcher and Food Vlogger.

60 secs.

When Asa is not crunching numbers, she’s sampling the best cuisine in town. Her dance instructor Stef is a dancer and choreographer specialized in Reggaeton. Watch Asa break it down in her first exposure to Reggaeton, an urban genre characterized by a fusion of Latin rhythms, dancehall, and hip-hop!

Woody, Athlete and Disability Advocate.

60 secs.

Woody is a body builder, public speaker, and self-described professional wheelchair user. His instructors are Clifton and Jocelyn, professional Salsa performers and members of the Cadence Dance Academy. Watch Woody accept the Salsa challenge! Salsa is a Latin American staple and among the fastest growing dance genres in the world!

Extended Podcast with Woody Belfort.

2 Mins 21 Secs.

It’s Woody’s mission to demonstrate that a disability should never limit somebody from participating in society and achieving their personal goals. We discuss his experience as a wheelchair user and why it doesn’t stop him from attending festivals, bars, and hitting the dance floor.


Take a look, and you’ll understand why they say that dance is the hidden language of the soul!

Snapp - Dance Hall

51 secs.

Janet Mancia - Salsa

44 secs.

Tania Wong - Bachata

44 secs.

Edz Gyam - West African

54 secs.

Derick XclusiV - Hip Hop

53 secs.

Lauren Lyn - Heels

49 secs.

Cotee Harper - Contemporary First Nations Infused

41 secs.

Stef Williams - Reggaeton

40 secs.



Watch as we dive a little deeper and get to know some of our favourite artists.

Baby Linda

60 secs.

E.P. The Latino

58 secs.

Woody Belfort

56 secs.

Brian Tong

58 secs.

Stef Williams

56 secs.

Clark Ji

57 secs.

Cotee Harper

60 secs.

Lauren Lyn

59 secs.

Derrick XclusiV

60 secs.

Edz Gyam

55 secs.

Tania Wong

58 secs.

Janet Mancia

59 secs.


58 secs.



Some tips and tricks on how to bust the right move.

Reggaeton by Stef Williams

67 secs.

Bachata by Clark Ji

58 secs.

Reggaeton by E.P. The Latino

43 secs.

Hip Hop by Brian Tong

75 secs.

Latino Urbano by Baby Linda

52 secs.


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